Laboratory for Advanced Subsurface Imaging (LASI)

The LASI High-Resolution
Subsurface Imaging System

An overview of the subsurface imaging system
and some examples of applications

We have developed many other near-surface geophysical instruments.  Please contact us for more information.

A general-purpose data acquisition program


GenMon program Overview

GenMon screen capture of user interface

User Manual

Programmer Reference Manual

GenMon also includes a general purpose ASIO Interface to a LabVIEW VI that can be used in other audio applications.  We will be happy to send a copy of this code to anyone who is interested in using this.



For more information on LASI, contact:
Dr. Ben K. Sternberg
Professor, Geological & Geophysical Engineering
and Electrical & Computer Engineering
Director, Laboratory for Advanced
Subsurface Imaging (LASI)
University of Arizona, MSE Dept.,
Room 141, Bldg. #12
1235 E. James E Rogers Way
Tucson, AZ 85721-0012
Tel.  520-621-2439
FAX 520-621-8059

Supplementary Information for:

The Variability of Naturally Occurring Magnetic Field Levels: 10 Hz to 8 kHz
Sternberg, Ben K., 2010, Geophysics, Vol. 75, No. 6, F187-F197.

Supplementary Information.doc


Geophysics Field Camp Reports

GEN 416-516 2009 Final Report.pdf

GEN 416-516 2010 Final Report.pdf

GEN 416-516 2011 Final Report.pdf

GEN 416-516 2012 Final Report.pdf

GEN 416-516 2013 Final Report.pdf

GEN 416-516 2014 Final Report.pdf

GEN 416-516 2016 Final Report.pdf

GEN 416-516 2017 Final Report.pdf

GEN 416-516 2018 Final Report.pdf

GEN 416-516 2019 Final Report.pdf


University of Arizona | College of Engineering and Mines | Laboratory for Advanced Subsurface Imaging
Mines Building, Room 141
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The University of Arizona
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